New parents, pet owners and regular travelers can experience nights without consistent (or long) periods of uninterrupted sleep.  Research indicates that just one night of disrupted sleep can trigger serious cognitive and health issues.

But you don’t have to have a baby or nocturnal pet to have your sleep disrupted on a regular basis.  The Better Sleep Council reports that 26% of US couples prefer sleeping alone!

Some of the common causes of sleep disruption/disagreement among bed partners:

Fighting over the thermostat.  One of you likes it cold, one of you likes it warm.  Sleeping in a dark, cool room is thought to be the best environment for sleep, but what is cool to you, may not be cool with someone else.  Solutions can include specialty blankets, sheets, and mattresses that accommodate temperature preferences for both sleepers.

Sleeping with a snorer.  Bed partners of chronic snorers were shown to be at risk for noise induced hearing loss, but not necessarily the snorers. 

Sleeping with a night time ninja.  While cuddling is thought be great for sleep and relationships, moving, thrashing, cover hogging, can all disrupt sleep.  Solutions include using a comforter or blanket one size larger than your bed to give both of you more cover, and creating a wall of pillows between the two of you to absorb the blows.

Looking for more creative solutions?  From requiring your bed partner to wear socks to sleeping apart, The Better Sleep Council has some ideas that might just help.