Author: Myra Brown

Could You Be Sleep Drunk?

If you wake up confused and disoriented you may be experiencing confusional arousal or “sleep drunkenness.” When you are “sleep drunk” you may wake up with slowed speech, appear to be hard to fully wake up, or fail to remember things from the night before.  Scientists believe that you are most likely to experience this parasomnia when you are awakened suddenly from a deep stage of sleep – often from an alarm clock. Confusional arousal occurs equally in men and women, and may run in families.  It is more common in children than adults, but as many as 1...

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Sleep More to Weigh Less!

Most resolutions focus on health and self-improvement, and losing weight is consistently at the top of the resolution list.  Keeping a healthy relationship with the scale can be a life-long battle.  Exercise and eating a balanced and appropriate diet is not an easy task. But diet and exercise may not be enough.  If you are having trouble keeping your weight where you want it to be, look at your sleep.  Sleep deprivation has a significant impact on appetite.  When you don’t get enough sleep, you are likely to overeat – increasing your caloric intake by 500+ calories a day!...

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What’s a Bed Partner to Do?

New parents, pet owners and regular travelers can experience nights without consistent (or long) periods of uninterrupted sleep.  Research indicates that just one night of disrupted sleep can trigger serious cognitive and health issues. But you don’t have to have a baby or nocturnal pet to have your sleep disrupted on a regular basis.  The Better Sleep Council reports that 26% of US couples prefer sleeping alone! Some of the common causes of sleep disruption/disagreement among bed partners: Fighting over the thermostat.  One of you likes it cold, one of you likes it warm.  Sleeping in a dark, cool...

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Holiday Time: Food Fest, Overindulgence and Sleep

It’s that time of year – food, friends, food, family, festive cocktails, and more food.  A recipe for great times, great memories and BAD SLEEP.  And stress, lack of sleep and travel are just a few of the culprits. Other things you may not consider as you find your sleeping less during the holidays: What you eat will affect your sleep.  Going to bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head may sound lovely – but not if the visions are nightmares!  Many of us eat more sugary, fatty and heavy foods during the holiday season, keeping us...

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No, You Did Not Become A Zombie!

But you may have felt that way if you’ve ever experienced a very scary parasomnia called sleep paralysis. Very simply, your mind wakes up before your body does, and you feel, well, paralyzed.  You can see, you can hear, but you can’t move.  Episodes of sleep paralysis can also feature very frightening visual and auditory hallucinations.  These episodes are typically quite short, from a few seconds to a few minutes.  But people that have experienced sleep paralysis describe the time as feeling much longer. Estimates indicate that one in three people will experience sleep paralysis during their lifetime. Our...

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