Is there a gender related difference in the need for sleep?  Who needs more, but probably gets less?

Not surprisingly, a Duke University study determined that women need more sleep than men.  Why?  Multi-tasking.  Women tend to use more of their brain everyday than do men, and their brains likely need more time to recover and rest.  Unfortunately, women tend to get less sleep than men, even though they spend more time in bed.

To make matters worse, sleep deprivation appears to be more detrimental to women than to men, increasing their risk for diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, the number one cause of death in women.

Most sleep disturbances are caused by stress, no surprise with activities of the multi-tasking women (leading to the need for more sleep).  Reduce stress before bed:  try meditation, quiet reading,  a bubble bath or hot shower, soothing music, even simply taking a minute to so some stretching can be a big help in fall asleep and staying asleep.