Summer heat keeping you from your midsummer night’s dream?

If darkness and cool temperatures are the best combination for good sleep, then summer must be the worst time for sleep.  Higher summer temperatures can make it more difficult to achieve and keep the cool environment that works best for sleep.

Looking for quick tips to beat the summer heat and sleep well?

You can try taking a bath or shower before bed – stepping out of the warmth into a cooler room can make you feel cooler. Sleeping with wet hair will help keep your head cooler throughout the night, and may keep you from sweating more. Try sleeping naked, or with as little clothing as possible to decrease body temperature variability. Bedding made from special e-wicking fabric can help keep you cooler and drier.  And if you room has high sun exposure during the day, keeping shades or drapes drawn can help the room cool down at night.

Which way does your bed face?  An easterly facing bed in summer will have light come streaming in very early in the summer months!  If possible, turn your bed away from the window, or invest in some good light darkening window treatments to avoid waking up with the birds if you want to sleep a little later than they do.

We typically think of spring or fall as allergy season, but summer comes with its own allergy potential.  Air conditioning recirculates indoor allergens, and heat and humidity can cause poor outdoor air quality.  An indoor air purifier with a good filter may help reduce the causes of summer allergies. If you sleep with a snorer, you may find that the snoring gets worse in the summer.

Treat your sunburn – even a mild sunburn can impact your sleep.  The best treatment is to avoid the sun, but if you are outside, make sure you are using an effective sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.  Use a lotion that contains aloe to help cool and moisturize your tender skin.

The itching from bug bites always seems to be worse at night!  Anti-itch cream is available at your drugstore, or try some of these home remedies, like toothpaste to help with that pesky itch.

Temperature Balancing Sheets

This Original PeachSkinSheets SHEET SET is the Guaranteed Authentic Brand from Atlanta, Georgia and features our signature peach zipper pull. Not only do they provide a level of softness comparable to 1500 threads per square inch, but they are GREAT for hot sleepers. Our sheets are made of a high performance, athletic grade, breathable 21st Century SMART Fabric. This material allows for air flow and is designed to wick away moisture while regulating cool and warm body temperatures. Our sheets won’t change your body chemistry, but they WILL help manage perspiration better to keep you cooler and drier. And if you’re a cold sleeper, they’ll still keep you comfortable with temperature management. Hot sleepers stay cool and cool sleepers stay cozy, making them the perfect year-round sheets.


  • Athletic Grade and Breathable for hot sleepers
  • Moisture Wicking to keep perspiring sleepers drier
  • Thermal Control works with your body and room temperature for year-round comfort
  • Anti-Pill Finish (always wash/dry sheets separately and never with towels, jeans, etc)
  • Dries in 15-20 minutes on med to med-high heat and comes out wrinkle free
  • Anti-Snag and stands up to callouses and pets
  • Pet hair does not weave itself through fabric
  • Anti-Slip Surface means no sliding
  • No Shrinkage or Stretching
  • Anti-Microbial and Hypo-Allergenic for sensitive skin
  • Colors will not fade and whites do not gray
  • Ultra Soft right out of the package
  • Stain Resistant
  • One Year Warranty

    (1) Twin Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet 39″ x 75″ for mattresses up to 18″ thick including double pillowtop, custom number and memory foam, (1) Twin Flat Sheet 66″ x 94″, (1) European Envelope Closure Standard Pillowcase 20″ x 30″

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