Valentine’s Day.  Hearts, chocolate, roses, romance… and sleep?  It may be surprising, but not getting enough sleep significantly impacts more than just our physical health. Sufficient sleep directly affects the health, quality and even the choices we make in our relationships.

We know that lack of sleep can leave us less able to fight off things like the common cold.  But think about the impact on our romantic relationships!  Being tired makes us grumpy. And short tempered.  And not looking our best (it’s called beauty sleep for a reason).

Research suggests that married couples are happier and have better relationships when women are not reporting sleep issues. Interestingly, married women who were happier in their relationships have a sleep/wake cycle that corresponds with their bed partner’s.

There are issues for men, too. Sleep deprivation in men impairs their perception in choosing romantic relationships.  Research shows that being sleep deprived functions in a similar fashion to being intoxicated; men may not be able to discern what is really attractive to them.  And potentially worse, sleep deprived men often misinterpret the actual level of interest a woman may actually have in them!

Looking for love, romance and happiness?  Get some sleep!