Most resolutions focus on health and self-improvement, and losing weight is consistently at the top of the resolution list.  Keeping a healthy relationship with the scale can be a life-long battle.  Exercise and eating a balanced and appropriate diet is not an easy task.

But diet and exercise may not be enough.  If you are having trouble keeping your weight where you want it to be, look at your sleep.  Sleep deprivation has a significant impact on appetite.  When you don’t get enough sleep, you are likely to overeat – increasing your caloric intake by 500+ calories a day! And those extra calories don’t just come because you have more time to eat since you are awake. Sleep deprivation plays a part in the levels and function of two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, which are responsible for helping regulate our appetite, and even how much we eat.

To make matters even worse, lack of sleep also increases the desire to eat unhealthy foods.  It’s not just that we want to eat more when are sleep deprived – we also appear to lose the ability to make healthy food choices.

If you made a resolution to lose weight, eat better and get healthy – be sure to add a resolution to get more sleep.  Your chance of achieving those health goals might just be a little easier with a good night’s sleep!