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A midsummer night’s look at dreams

Is anyone out there not fascinated by dreams? Dreaming is a universal human experience that’s also incredibly individual and personal. What are possibly the oldest “dream journals” – paintings on cave walls that some researchers think are records of ancient shaman...

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3 ways midsummer can boost your sleep

We’re being treated to the longest days of the year right now in the Northern Hemisphere. In coastal New England, where I live, the sun is setting close to nine o’clock in the evening. All this daylight leaves plenty of time for boat rides, trail walks, and evening...

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How much do you know about narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that alters sleep-wake cycles, the 24-hour biological cycles of sleep and wake that drive our urge and need for rest and activity. Narcolepsy is perhaps best known for a single symptom—a sudden, overwhelming urge to sleep that can...

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Sleep Your Way to Happiness, Love and Romance!

Valentine’s Day.  Hearts, chocolate, roses, romance… and sleep?  It may be surprising, but not getting enough sleep significantly impacts more than just our physical health. Sufficient sleep directly affects the health, quality and even the choices we make in our...

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Sleep On It:  Fact or Fiction?

“Let me sleep on it.”  A common phrase that can mean one or more of the following: I want to delay telling you that the answer is “no.” I can’t make up my mind, so ask me tomorrow. I really need to think about it before making a decision. Does “sleeping on it” make a...

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Sleep Can Help – Whatever it is!

We know that we just feel better after a good night’s sleep – or at least most of us know the opposite.  The Centers for Disease Control calls sleep deprivation a public health epidemic in the US, with more than 30% of adults getting less than 6 hours of sleep every...

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