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Is geography behind the ‘summer blues’?

You’ve probably heard of seasonal affective disorder. Often referred to as SAD, it’s a form of depression that happens seasonally, usually arising in the late fall and winter. But have you heard of reverse seasonal affective disorder? Also called Summer SAD, and it’s...

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How well does your state sleep?

The state where you live may say a lot about how well you sleep—or don’t. About a third of American adults regularly sleep less than seven hours a night. That’s a problem. Sleep experts widely agree that while individual sleep needs vary somewhat, sleeping between 7-9...

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4 summertime foods that boost sleep

Eating dinner al fresco, shopping at the local farmers’ market, picking dinner right from the garden—these are some of the simple joys of summer. Here in New England, we’re sticking rhubarb into pies and crumbles, and attempting to balance things out for our...

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Can ‘glamping’ help you sleep better?

I like camping. I think I’d probably love glamping. Sleeping out in a beautiful, remote natural setting, under a starlit sky, but trading the rocks under my sleeping bag for a big, comfy, king-size bed and some high thread-count sheets? Sign me up. Glamping is luxury...

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A midsummer night’s look at dreams

Is anyone out there not fascinated by dreams? Dreaming is a universal human experience that’s also incredibly individual and personal. What are possibly the oldest “dream journals” – paintings on cave walls that some researchers think are records of ancient shaman...

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3 ways midsummer can boost your sleep

We’re being treated to the longest days of the year right now in the Northern Hemisphere. In coastal New England, where I live, the sun is setting close to nine o’clock in the evening. All this daylight leaves plenty of time for boat rides, trail walks, and evening...

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