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How much sleep is really enough for you?

We all know the basic, 8-hour-a-night sleep prescription. That’s the number that gets tossed around a lot, as the amount of sleep we’re all supposed to be shooting for every night. Like with so much about sleep, the reality on the ground is more complex. Let’s look at...

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What are the most common sleep disorders?

I’ll be honest. I write about sleep a lot, and until I started researching this piece, I didn’t know there were 80 different sleep disorders. That’s a whole lot of different types of troubled sleep. Sleep disorders affect an estimated 70 million adults in the United...

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4 surprising benefits of sleeping naked

The other day, we talked about the benefits for sleep that can come from snoozing in the nude. Especially in summer, it can be a great way to cope with the heat and get a better night’s rest. Turns out, sleeping naked may do a lot more than helping us sleep better on...

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Is geography behind the ‘summer blues’?

You’ve probably heard of seasonal affective disorder. Often referred to as SAD, it’s a form of depression that happens seasonally, usually arising in the late fall and winter. But have you heard of reverse seasonal affective disorder? Also called Summer SAD, and it’s...

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How well does your state sleep?

The state where you live may say a lot about how well you sleep—or don’t. About a third of American adults regularly sleep less than seven hours a night. That’s a problem. Sleep experts widely agree that while individual sleep needs vary somewhat, sleeping between 7-9...

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