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4 summertime foods that boost sleep

Eating dinner al fresco, shopping at the local farmers’ market, picking dinner right from the garden—these are some of the simple joys of summer. Here in New England, we’re sticking rhubarb into pies and crumbles, and attempting to balance things out for our...

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Are dads’ sleep challenges overlooked?

When it comes to parents’ sleep, there’s a lot of focus paid to mom. Don’t get me wrong: mothers’ sleep deserves all the attention it gets. But fathers face sleep challenges, too. And in the scientific world, they’re much less well investigated than moms’ sleep issues...

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To sleep in separate beds …. or not?

My husband and I recently went through a temporary “sleep divorce.” This is a term that’s often used to describe the growing practice of couples opting to sleep in separate beds, or bedrooms, to improve their nightly rest. I don’t know about you, but I’m not thrilled...

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Who Needs More: Men or Women?

Is there a gender related difference in the need for sleep?  Who needs more, but probably gets less? Not surprisingly, a Duke University study determined that women need more sleep than men.  Why?  Multi-tasking.  Women tend to use more of their brain everyday than do...

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Spring Fever

Feeling restless?  Sleeping less?  Looking longingly out of the window?  You may have spring fever, defined by Merriam-Webster as “a lazy or restless feeling often associated with the onset of spring.”  While you may not have an actual fever, the arrival of spring...

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The Best Thing to Wear to Bed is …

Most of us change our sleeping attire by the season, but is there a path to better sleep based on what we choose to wear (or don’t choose to wear)? Contrary to what your mom may have told you, your best choice is to sleep wearing nothing at all.  But only about 12% of...

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