Happy New Year!  If you made a resolution, you’re not alone.  About 45% of us make New Year’s resolutions- but only 8% of people who make them achieve their goal.  A third of us will abandon those resolutions by the end of January.

Making resolutions at the turn of the calendar appears to date back to ancient times – the Babylonians and Romans used the beginning of the calendar to make oaths and promises.

The best way to keep a resolution?  Share it and focus on the process once you’ve set the goal.  People that are focused on the how and why of a resolution vs. the ultimate outcome tend to have greater success.

Tips to help you make and keep resolutions:

  1. Be realistic
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Make specific goals
  4. Take action – getting started is often the most difficult
  5. Do it for yourself
  6. Create mini goals along the way
  7. Use the buddy system
  8. Try and fix what didn’t work if you’ve made the resolution before
  9. Be your own fan!