Author: Myra Brown

The Best Thing to Wear to Bed is …

Most of us change our sleeping attire by the season, but is there a path to better sleep based on what we choose to wear (or don’t choose to wear)? Contrary to what your mom may have told you, your best choice is to sleep wearing nothing at all.  But only about 12% of us in the U.S. actually sleep au naturel (contrast that to over 30% in the UK). Sleeping “in the buff” has been shown to have great benefits for both your sleep and your health. Fall Asleep Faster and Look Younger. Cooler conditions lead to better...

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Summer: ‘Tis the season for hot, short nights

Summer heat keeping you from your midsummer night’s dream? If darkness and cool temperatures are the best combination for good sleep, then summer must be the worst time for sleep.  Higher summer temperatures can make it more difficult to achieve and keep the cool environment that works best for sleep. Looking for quick tips to beat the summer heat and sleep well? You can try taking a bath or shower before bed – stepping out of the warmth into a cooler room can make you feel cooler. Sleeping with wet hair will help keep your head cooler throughout the night,...

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Allergies Got Your Sleep?

Do you love spring, but dread the allergies that come with the trees, flowers and grasses? You are not alone!  According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as 50 million people suffer from allergic rhinitis (better known as hay fever).  Allergies can be a problem at any time of year, but spring is typically the worst season. The sneezing, itchy watery eyes, coughing and stuffy nose can be very difficult and debilitating, and spring is one of the worst seasons for you if you have seasonal allergies.  But those allergies don’t just make you miserable all day...

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Do You Sleep in Sync?

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then sleep can be a window to relationships.  We spend 1/3 of our lives asleep (or in bed).  And given our always connected, always “on” society, it’s possible that the time we are asleep could be the longest stretch of time in a day that we spend with someone we love. A poll by the National Sleep Foundation estimates that 61% of adults sleep with another person, and the majority of adults prefer not to sleep alone. And happiness can be dramatically impacted (or created) by sleep. Get in sync. ...

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Sleep Your Way to Happiness, Love and Romance!

Valentine’s Day.  Hearts, chocolate, roses, romance… and sleep?  It may be surprising, but not getting enough sleep significantly impacts more than just our physical health. Sufficient sleep directly affects the health, quality and even the choices we make in our relationships. We know that lack of sleep can leave us less able to fight off things like the common cold.  But think about the impact on our romantic relationships!  Being tired makes us grumpy. And short tempered.  And not looking our best (it’s called beauty sleep for a reason). Research suggests that married couples are happier and have better...

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