Author: Hilary Schumer

Sleep Failure: Baby Room Sharing

When you’re pregnant, everyone else in your life becomes an expert. Each person you meet has some unique insight into the “best way” to do everything, from nursing to diapering to sleeping. We’re all guilty of it — now that I’m a mom I do it too — and it can be challenging to navigate in response to all the white noise. At the end of the day, following all of this advice is sort of like checking if pasta is cooked; you try everything and see what sticks. And if it sticks — even for a day —...

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Why my smartphone needs a bed of its own

I live in a small New York City apartment. My bedroom just barely fits the dresser, desk, and queen-size bed.  The living room and dining room are in fact the same room, and the kitchen is…compact.  So it is crazy to me that at least once a week, my husband cannot find his cell phone in the morning. I’ve been late to work multiple times because I’ve had to call his phone before I can walk out the door. I should stop calling, though, because the phone is always in the same place: the bed. You might think a...

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Snoring in Children

I’ve written before about  the adorable (if odd) noises my daughter makes in her sleep.  Sometimes she snorts and grunts like an old man with smoker’s lung, though it seems to have gotten better as she’s gotten older. The other night she fell asleep on me – a real rarity now that she’s six months old – and I got to witness those noises again.  She snorted rhythmically against my chest, and I called my husband over, gesturing for him to listen. “Oh! She’s snoring,” he said.  “So cute!” It was cute. But being the neurotic millennial mom that...

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