Author: Caitlin Reynolds

 Are you exposed to ‘secondhand snoring’?

It’s like an orchestra in my bedroom at night—and I am not talking about violins. The symphony I listen to on a nightly basis is one of snoring. Swap out strings and woodwinds for honking and wheezing and you get the idea. Like any of you who snuggle up to a snorer at night, I am regularly exposed to what’s known as “secondhand snoring.” Remind you of secondhand smoke? It’s the same basic phenomenon: people who sleep with snorers are likely to suffer some of the same problems as snorers themselves. Anyone who sleeps with a snoring bed partner...

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Sleep therapy may help fibromyalgia suffers

Your muscles ache, your joints are stiff and painful. The skin across your body feels tender and sore, even to the lightest touch. The physical discomfort associated with fibromyalgia is not only very painful—it can also be exhausting, especially when symptoms are flaring and heightened. People with fibromyalgia often have trouble sleeping. Pain and discomfort keep them awake at night, and prevent them from getting the rest they need. Sleep deprived on top of their pain, they can’t function during the day as well as they’d like. There are some pretty strong scientific connections between how well we sleep...

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Restless Leg Syndrome: Disrupted Sleep

Imagine stretching out to relax in bed, looking forward to a full night of sound and peaceful sleep. Not long after you slide beneath the covers, you start to experience a creeping, crawling sensation running through your legs. It’s uncomfortable and persistent. Your legs tingle up and down, and it feels as though something is pulling or tugging at your legs from the inside. You start shaking your legs to try to relieve your discomfort—you can’t not shake your legs, the urge is so strong to move them. Moving your legs helps for a brief bit of time. But...

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Treatments for OSA – You Do Have Options

So you, or someone you love, has received a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. Now what? Learning that you have OSA can bring up complicated feelings—relief at knowing what your sleep issue is, hope at the prospect of sleeping better at night and feeling better during the day, and concern about the health conditions that are associated with sleep apnea, including high blood pressure and obesity. You may also feel uncertain about your treatment options. There are several different treatments available that can be used safety and effectively to treat sleep apnea. Let’s take a quick look at the...

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Insomnia 101

We’ve all probably given ourselves a casual, offhand diagnosis of insomnia at least once in our lives. As in: I have total insomnia right now. I can’t fall asleep before midnight. I am a complete insomniac. But what is insomnia, exactly? From the Latin insomnus, or “no sleep,” insomnia is the inability to sleep when given the time and opportunity to do so. That inability to sleep can manifest in several different ways: Difficulty falling asleep Difficulty staying asleep throughout the night Waking very early in the morning Any one of these symptoms can be an indicator of insomnia....

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