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New Year’s Resolution:  Lose Weight? 

Losing weight is consistently one of the top resolutions made at the start of a new year.  If you made a resolution to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle, you are not alone! Did you also include a goal to get more sleep?  If you don’t include sleep as part of your weight loss plan, you may unknowingly sabotage your efforts. Have you ever said (or thought): I have “fat” genes. Your genetic makeup can absolutely influence your ability to lose weight.  But getting enough sleep can help you decrease the control that genes have in achieving your...

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Sleeping with the dogs…and more

Do you snuggle up at night with your beloved pet? Is your bed a nightly tangle of two and four-legged creatures jostling for space and just the right amount of blanket? If so, you’re in plenty of company (and not just in that crowded bed). Estimates suggest at least half or more of dog and cat owners sleep with their pets at least some of the time. Pets provide warm and wonderful companionship and comfort, and there’s not much question about their cuddling capabilities. But how do pets affect our sleep? As much as you might enjoy drifting off...

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Holidays + Travel + Stress = Bad Sleep and No Rest?

The holiday season is upon us!  It’s a busy time, a great time, and a time when many of us are traveling to see family and friends.  It’s almost a given than travel is going to disrupt your sleep – particularly if you are changing schedules and time zones.  Sleep loves routine: getting up and going to bed at the same time, every day, is often cited as the first step to take to improve your sleep.  But that recommendation is hard enough to follow when we are at home on a regular schedule.  It is nearly impossible to...

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