Greetings!  My name is Trina Webster and I was once the long-suffering spouse of a snorer.  My husband tried everything to cure it and eventually went through a painful, expensive and invasive procedure that didn’t work.  When we found out that over 90 millions Americans snore (and many have frustrated bed partners), we set out to find a solution.  Working with specialists, we developed a mouthpiece, ZQuiet, designed specifically to treat snoring.  That was six years ago, and we have now successfully helped hundreds of thousands of people (and their loved ones) sleep better every night. About Sleeping Well

But it doesn’t stop there.  After years of research and speaking with patients and doctors, it’s clear that there is a national trend towards less restful sleep.  For some people, the lack of sleep comes from sleeping with a snorer or someone using a CPAP, for others it could be insomnia or sleep disorders like restless leg syndrome.  There are countless issues that affect our sleep with difficult (and often conflicting) resources and advice for treatment.

My goal with ZQuiet has always been to promote healthy sleep, because healthy sleep means a happier life in every way:  physically, mentally and emotionally.   Sleeping Well created this blog and I personally contribute regularly because better sleep is possible…my goal is to connect with others and learn more about the options for ensuring healthier rest.  Regardless of your age or the specific difficulty you have, my hope is that you can find a community of trusted friends here to help find the answers you need.

If you have a question or a problem that isn’t discussed here, please write to us!  Sleeping Well is here for you.